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The simulator (type FPF TUTOR) was installed and operates at the Serres Racing Circuit during the Promo Safe Driving project, which is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Bulgaria 2007 - 2013

This type of simulator is the most professional tool, not only in the field of education and for research purposes, but is also suitable for the retraining of drivers with the aim of road safety.

The advantage of this type is the ability to move, which gives the driver the best feeling during the simulation.

The reality is fully represented by the dynamic feedback, since the steering wheel vibrates while the engine is running, while throughout the driving compartment (cabin), original car parts are used.

It should be noted that the simulator has installed and supports programs related to "Economic Driving", "Alcohol Simulation", "Driver Fitness", "Free Driving" etc.

It is pointed out that the racetrack software of the track has already been installed in the simulator of the circuit.


Specifically, the simulator is used in the study of the dynamic characteristics of vehicles. It is pointed out that the basic components of vehicles can be checked with a real vehicle, but some dynamics problems are dangerous to study with the use of a real vehicle, (for example effect of rain).

Most often the driving simulator is used in surveys, where the driver has the central role. In investigating the effect of consumption of alcohol or other substances and drugs on driver performance, the simulator is the key tool.

Another interesting area of use of the driving simulator is road design. In the digital image of the road created in the driving simulator, it is easy to test different designs of the same road, in order to optimize its horizontal and vertical design. The driving simulator is also used to test different road markings.

The driving simulator is a complete vehicle simulation and driving behavior system and can make a significant contribution to tackling road safety problems and is a great complementary tool

In addition, it can be used under advantageous conditions, such as in small rooms, without the role of weather conditions and regardless of unpleasant traffic conditions.

The system also offers repetition, which presents the overall course with the most important parameters of driving from different angles.

This allows the learner to identify problems, while due to his high-tech graphics and interesting scenarios, the simulator is a very effective tool for effective training on important topics in a pleasant way.


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